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Small Steps to Save Money on Gasoline

  • Eliminate trunk junk. Hauling extra weight lowers your fuel economy, so slimming down your cargo will help your car go further on less gas.

  • Bunch your trips. Pick up groceries on your way from taking the kids to school, pick up the dry cleaning when you pick them up. By combining errands and planning your stops for the most-efficient route, you’ll save both time and money.

  • Take care of your car. Under-inflated tires waste gas, and keeping your car tuned will reduce waste as well.

  • Tighten up when you fill up. Securing the gas cap will keep gasoline from evaporating from your tank. And don’t top off the gas tank, or the extra gas may simply seep out.

  • Be winter-wise. Remove snow tires in good weather, since deep tread and big tires use more fuel. And avoid long warm-ups to avoid burning excess gas.
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